About Us

Why Wyoming Mining?

Mine Crypto

“For the first time in history an entrepreneur can a start a business with guaranteed revenue and with a very low barrier to entry AND cost.” 

– Lewis Stevens, President of Wyoming Mining Company

Save Taxes

Once you start mining you will gain all the tax advantages of owning and operating a business. Our accounting experts will help you take advantage of all tax laws to reduce your  tax liability.

Why Choose Us?

The Wyoming Mining Difference

Incentivized Partnership

Cryptocurrency networks are built on superior incentive models and Wyoming Mining Company believes in building partnerships in the same way. We are incentivized to make you the best miner you can possibly be.

Laser Focused

We are laser focused on lowering costs and the barriers to becoming a successful miner. You benefit from our deep knowledge of many aspects of the business, including technology, accounting, and law.

The Perfect State

Wyoming is a great state for business, tax savings, and cryptocurrency. The cold weather and low electricity rates make it the best in the US for crypto mining.

Benefits of Mining With Us

Start Your Business

We are partnered with top law and accounting crypto firms with whom we have painstakingly crafted the best methods and practices to not only save you money on taxes, but also to provide you with protections under the law.

Custom Mining Rigs

We want to give you the opportunity to use the best equipment out there. Why? Because our revenue sharing model is dependent on your success!

Mine What You Want

Wyoming Mining Company is chain agnostic, but if we had to recommend one chain it would be Bitcoin! Once you have your miner you are in full control, choose any chain you wish to mine.  

Mining Performance

Wyoming Mining Company is constantly updating and optimizing miners for peak performance. Remember, your success is our success!

Safe & Secure

We go the extra mile to not only safeguard our facilities, but also our crypto. We never disclose the locations of our mining facilities, so don’t ask!

Insurance & Support

We are fully insured in event of any disaster. Our customer support strives to be helpful and friendly when solving any issue you may have. 

Relax - We're the Crypto LLC experts

Creating your LLC allows you to deduct any “ordinary and necessary” expenses resulting from your cryptocurrency mining activity. “Ordinary and necessary” expenses can be anything that is common, accepted, helpful, and appropriate for cryptocurrency mining.


Limited Liability Company

An LLC is a hybrid between a partnership and a corporation. Members of an LLC have operational flexibility and income benefits similar to a partnership but also have limited liability exposure. While this seems very similar to a limited partnership, there are significant legal and statutory differences. Consultation with an attorney to determine the best entity is recommended.

  • Allows greatest flexibility for customizing the structure of the business
  • Limits member liability
  • In many states, an LLC may have only one member (enjoy the benefits of a sole proprietorship but with limited liability).
  • Requires comprehensive operating agreement because of the high degree of variability/flexibility

Our Team

Wyoming Mining is dedicated to advancing the blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community.

Lewis Stevens


Lewis has been a successful entrepreneur, technologist, and investor for nearly 20 years. He has leveraged his background in computer science and passion for technology to find explosive growth and market opportunities.

Since he invested in Bitcoin in mid-2013, he has not stopped learning, building, and evangelizing about cryptocurrency. He sees cryptocurrency as a revolution, not only in money, but also in how we interact and govern value. He is a staunch believer in decentralization and democratizing power for the masses.

Kynarvis Clark


Business Innovator with 20 years of combined experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Operations. Accomplished in implementing process improvements with a demonstrated track
record of building beneficial processes within Fortune 500 Organizations. Developed innovative approaches to creating predictive analytics tools for different organizations and the customers. Proven ability to build successful business operations, processes using blended experiences in sales, marketing, category planning, operations management, and forecasting and replenishment.

Sunny Vij

CTO & Co-Founder

With a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and more than 15 years of experience in design and development of Java/J2EE applications, Sunny has built several enterprise level applications in travel and banking domains. Within the past two years, Sunny has started exploring and working on blockchain technology. He’s rapidly gained tremendous experience in building large scale data centers.

Nathan Gillespie

Chief Operating Officer

Nathan has strong leadership skills that has been fine tuned through the years of para military professions. He has years of experience solving technical mechanical, digital and business operational issues, along with social issues in the work area.

Nathan can understand and quickly adapt to the rapid change of the new digital era.