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Discover Commercial Mining

About Us

The idea behind cryptocurrency networks is solely dependent on creating a chain of superior incentive models. At Wyoming Mining Company, we believe in recreating partnerships with miners looking to achieve incentivized partnerships in their journey to becoming the best crypto miningĀ  merchandisers. We are teamed up with top-tier accounting and law crypto experts to birth safe and secure mining practices to help save money while you mine.

About Wyoming Mining

Wyoming Mining Company offers a haven where crypto miners can thrive with low charges and filtered barriers in the industry. We share our knowledge of business, crypto technology, accounting, and law to guarantee investors increased revenue and reduced setbacks by learning from active professionals. Wyoming Mining Company protects the mining operations of its investors by safeguarding the location of all mining facilities.

Our revenue sharing models are accessible to approved miners since this is a partnership where both parties benefit from each other’s success. Wyoming Mining Company opens its mining technique archives and equipment access to enable entrepreneurs to mine with profitable mining strategies and gadgets. Our mining company is fully insured in the event of unforeseen disasters.

About us

Our Services & Benefits of Working with Us

Large-scale Bitcoin Mining Opportunities

It’s no doubt that Bitcoin is one of the largest crypto mining chains today, however, only a tiny percentage of miners mine Bitcoin in large quantities. Partnering with us enables investors to get access to large-scale Bitcoin mining opportunities. Sadly, only Bitcoin mining companies with years of expertise in the crypto mining industry can spot these opportunities miles away.

Our extensive knowledge in implementing high-risk crypto mining techniques over the years places us in a position to take advantage of large-scale Bitcoin mining openings. Wyoming Mining company helps miners with hints on opportunities that help them take a chunk off the $300 billion market cap economy.

On-grid & Off-grid Power Solutions for Bitcoin Mining

Mining Bitcoin off-grid seems like the way to go. Regardless, partnering with a mining company with the manpower and resources to run both on-grid and off-grid mining helps to mine super productive. In the states we operate in, we source for the best on-grid power areas and zones before setting up our mining stations.

We are also researching various off-grid power solutions including natural-gas mining channels to access the cheapest power available for mining. A combination of both legal and cheap off-grid and on-grid power solutions helps our miners mine without the restrictions of unlimited power supply for their mining stations.

Competitive Electricity Rates

Going solo when mining cryptocurrency could cause miners to squander a lot of financial resources on electricity. Wyoming Mining Company offers miners competitive electricity rates for as low as $3.5 when mining crypto chains. Depending on a miner’s availability per time, the rate could spike up since the company doesn’t benefit from prolonged mining inactivity.

We help miners make more profit from mining without having to invest so much in electricity tariffs for cryptocurrency mining. Wyoming Mining Company provides custom cryptocurrency mining rigs that help maximize electricity consumption between multiple mining stations. We do this because our sharing revenue model is dependent on your success.

Environment Friendly

While rooting to make millions, it’s only humane that miners remain environmentally cautious of their power solutions when mining cryptocurrency. At Wyoming Mining Company, we are a major advocate of making environment-friendly preferences when choosing the power generation source for mining. This is why we use flared/trapped natural gas to generate power.

We go to natural gas producers to access their trapped natural gas for a fair percentage of the mining revenue we make after mining cryptocurrency. In a sense, Wyoming Mining Company has natural gas generating sites that help us to achieve reduced electricity rates – as well as promote environment-friendly mining operations for a safe global hemisphere.

Cutting Edge Security

Aside from the financial commitments cryptocurrency miners invest in mining, there are also thousands of hours of personal time invested weekly. Miners need some level of financial security to guarantee them profits after mining. Wyoming Mining Company partners with top-tier accounting and law crypto experts to scrutinize and approve legal mining practices for a secure financial partnership.

For added security, Wyoming Mining Company never discloses the location of its mining facilities to third-party individuals or corporations. We are a fully insured cryptocurrency mining company with a series of insurance coverage protecting our mining operations in the case of any disaster. Miners can be rest assured of cutting-edge security when partnering with us.

Using BitGo as Custodian

Wyoming Mining Company is a regulated investor under the digital asset custodian of Bitgo. Our approval by BitGo shows our commitment to taking multi-signatory security measures on our mining operations and digital assets. Our BitGo partnership extends to cover all digital chains mined by miners under the Wyoming Mining Company landmark name.

All digital assets mined are stored using cold insured storage custody at BitGo Trust. The trust is registered under the Division of Banking in South Dakota with links to multiple segregate accounts. BitGo Trust undergoes routine financial auditing by federal governing bodies to scrutinize its operations against money laundering and other financial crime-related activities.

Insurance & Support

Wyoming Mining Company owns multiple general liability insurance coverages for its mining operations and miners. We continue to invest a lot in securing the financial security of our digital assets and miners’ safety. Our general liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, as well as legal defense and judgment.

We have our insurance providers make regular maintenance and monitor security checks on our mining stations for upgrades or repairs. Our miners get the best support from Wyoming Mining Company management in providing optimizing mining rigs for peak performance. We also extend our insurance coverage to cover our operational assets in the case of force majeure.

High-Performance Team

Wyoming Mining Company has put together a team of top-tier accountants, lawyers, crypto mining experts, and administrative staff for optimal crypto mining productivity. We operate in a well-structured business environment with teams led by professionals in their various fields. Our mandate has always been to help mining entrepreneurs thrive with maximum team support.

Our team of experts is dedicated to advancing the cryptocurrency community and we implement this mandate daily; one task at a time. As a team, we share an unbreakable bond that enables us to navigate the most terrifying business setbacks. This helps us meet mining targets, set annual goals, and coordinate our mining operations with protections under the law.

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Cryptocurrency currently holds a little above $350 billion of the world’s financial market cap. In a few years, it’s this value has been predicted to multiply to a few trillion; which makes now the best time to get into digital currency investment. Cryptocurrency mining allows you to stay in charge of your digital asset flow which typically makes “YOU” your bank.

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