Mine Crypto, Discover Tax Benefits.

Start Mining Cryptocurrency as Your Business.

How it Works


Send Payment, Sign Contract

We accept crypto, bank ACH, or wire transfer. The contract is our legal obligation to produce and host your miner for your business.


Miner Production & Business Creation

We’ll bring your miner online, typically in two weeks. We’ll also help you set up your Wyoming LLC during this time.


Start Mining, Start Earning

Wyoming Mining Company works on a revenue sharing model. Every month you will receive a payment of 80% of all cryptos mined and we keep 20% as our share. This 20% pays for maintenance and hosting of your miners.


Cash Out, HODL or Reinvest

Once you start earning, the choice is yours: cash out, HODL (hold the currency), or reinvest into more miners. As cryptocurrency believers we recommend holding until the next bull market then reinvesting into more miners!

Why Choose Wyoming Mining?

Cutting Edge Facility in Wyoming

New facility in the heart of some of the coldest weather in Wyoming. Miners love cold weather.

Superior Engineers & Customer Service

We take pride in providing the very best technology and customer service.

We Grow Together

Our profit model is based on revenue sharing, so we are incentivized to make you as successful as possible.

Business Model

"Skin in the Game"

Unlike other miner hosting companies we are incentivized to maximize your earning potential and grow your business. This is the reason we do not charge a fixed maintenance or hosting fee, instead we share revenue in an 80/20 split. WMC doesn’t see you as just a client but as a valuable long-term partner. Your success is our success. This means we will do everything we can to insure your miners perform to their highest potential.

Why Mine Over Buy?

Lower Tax Liability

Take advantage of all tax benefits associated with running a mining business. We’ll share our best practices.

Lower Volatility

Mining fluctuations are much less volatile than prices. You enjoy a more stable cost of acquisition. 

Network Participation!

Miners are key contributors to a healthy and secure network. Now you can support your favorite crypto.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Join Our Pool of Miners

Miners are the backbone of cryptocurrency networks because they verify transactions and secure the network. As the number of total miners increase so does a network’s decentralization. Join the decentralization movement by becoming a miner today.